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Applying computer vision techniques to complex, high resolution images of biopsy tissue from cancer patients allows automatic identification of visual characteristics of the disease. Consequently, these features can be used to identify whether a patient will respond to chemotherapy.


I think every twitter user goes through that stage of "What is Twitter, anyway?", and "Is that all it does? It's like Facebook status updates and nothing else!" before making an account just to see what all the fuss is about. For me, it took some convincing by @Lauren_Kelly, but after my initial resistance, I caved in and joined the 21st century.

The Leeds University PGR conference(@UoLPGconference) held it's first Twitter Thesis competition in December 2012, (see the PGR Showcase conference website for more info), and you can see my entry below.

Hear my interview for the Leeds PGR Conference

Alex Wright, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Research Image of the Year second place in the University of Leeds Showcase Postgraduate Research Conference 2012. Alex discusses his research at Leeds and what it was like to take part in the conference.


One of my passions is making images using graphic manipulation packages such as Photoshop. I typically use photoshop for personal images and web graphics. Over the past few years I have found much more emphasis is being placed on visual representations of research, especially as supportive material to attract interest.

I have provided images for Leeds University departmental magazines and numerous websites (especially pathology related ones!), and more recently have been entering images to the Leeds Postgraduate Research conferences.

Research Image Entries

2013 Entry

Research Image Entries

In case you were wondering how my 2012 research image was made - here's a basic overview of the process:

2012 Research Image HowTo