I have been working in the Section of Pathology and Tumour Biology, at the University of Leeds since 2007. I am primarily a Computer Vision researcher, providing image analysis algorithm development for the department and external collaborators. It is this work that I developed throughout my PhD. My PhD title is The automated analysis of colorectal cancer and involves image processing to detect and characterise cancer on digitised images of human tissue.

The other part of my working week involves creating image analysis algorithms for pathological studies and clinical trials. The algorithms are typically used to detect the presence of specific proteins within cancers which tell researchers how well patients respond to treatment.

Other work for the department includes Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, Database administration, web design, digital imaging and design, departmental branding and pretty much making anything that needs to look pretty.


A list of my current academic work that has been written up for journal publication and presenting at conferences - typically involving image analysis for my own investigations, but also for research with collaborators.


A collection of highlights where my work has been celebrated either through prizes or covered by the media.

Interesting Things

Any other part of my research work that I think needs to be recorded, such as media interviews, research images and tweets!