When I get a spare moment from my research, I enjoy designing websites, dabbling with photography and playing around in Photoshop. I have a growing portfolio of sites and logos/branding, so if you would like a website or logo designing, please contact me.

...and yes, photography isn't specifically design - I've just put it in the design part of the site to keep the number of sections down.

Web Design

I have been designing websites since about 2001, because my teenage band would never have gotten famous without one! Luckily since then I've realised red text on blue backgrounds isn't the best design choice - and to prove it, I've listed a few example websites I've made over the years since...
The picture shows bokeh created by the lights of the web server that I use at work


I'm always happy when I'm playing around in Photoshop making something look good, and I enjoy making logos and branding from companies / organisations / bands / individuals. This is a gallery of some of the logos I have designed.


I feel that web design and photography go hand in hand - if there's no decent visual content, then there's no way a casual browser will stay on your site. To cut out the middle man, I've invested in a Canon 60D so I can create and edit my own images without having to resort to Google images or stock photography websites...