Somebody really should stop me…

Article posted on Sunday, 26th, February, 2012 at 12:00 am

… but I’m glad they don’t!

Just purchased a nice Pearl Export on eBay – I really don’t know why you’d get a brand new instrument unless it was a great deal.

So yes, my last drum related post was about building up a small acoustic kit for acoustic guitar jams. After trying to practise in a village hall with an electric kit, I was instantly converted!

My experience setting it all up and taking it down again was not a favourable one – it took me about 4 hours to do it twice (from my home to the hall and back), and the wires and power cable issues are worse than when I gigged as an electric bassist, so I wanted the simplicity and freedom from electricity - bass drum, toms, snare, cymbals, boom, you’re done!

The new plan is to sell the bass amp used for the electric kit to cover the cost of the acoustic one – pretty much a no brainer when you consider how much easier it is to set up an acoustic kit, in my opinion anyway.

Anyway, here’s the pics – I nabbed them off the eBay description,, so they’re not up to my usual level of fine detail…

Pearl Export 1

Pear Export 2

Pearl Export 3

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