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Article posted on Monday, 25th, March, 2013 at 5:01 pm

Frustrated at having to upload files when making the tiniest of changes to your WordPress site / theme, just so you can check if it looks better? Fear not! With a basic WAMP server configuration, you can install a local version of WordPress, and make all the changes you want without affecting your live site!

It’s really simple, so I’ll get right to it:


First off, you’ll need a local web server which uses PHP and MySQL. Easiest way to do this is WAMP server (for windows), there are Linux (LAMP) and Mac (MAMP) equivalents too! This tutorial assumes you have this set up already. If you don’t know what I’m on about, go here.

Create a blank Database

Using your favourite MySQL editor (mine’s TOAD for MySQL), create yourself a new database, and obviously remember your username/password – you’ll need it later.

Get WordPress

Right, now you have your localhost and database, and you know where your web root directory is, you need an offline copy of WordPress. Get it from the site here

Once downloaded, copy the contents of the zip to a folder in your wamp www folder.

Install WordPress

Now, navigate to the index page of the site using your web browser to be greeted with the setup page. Click on “Create a Configuration File” to start the installation wizard.

Provide the appropriate info (db name, db username, db password, leave host as localhost and table prefix), and click Submit. All should go well and you’ll be ready to ‘Run the install’. If not, make sure your database credentials are correct for your MySQL database and try again.

Click Run the install and provide the website name, username and password etc, and then you’re done! Log into your offline site and marvel at how you can mess around with WordPress even if your broadband provider realises you’ve exceeded your bandwidth’s fair usage allowance…

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