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Welcome one and all to my site!

This is where I intend to record a little about what I do, and projects I've worked on over the years. This will mainly be in one of four areas: research, design, music and programming. There are separate sections of the website dedicated to these areas.

If you're looking for any form of bass guitar tuition, or website / logo design, head on over to the contact section and drop me a message, where we can discuss what I can do for you.

If you're just here for a look round, then feel free! Links are at the top of every page, under the header, and don't forget to check out my blog - it does get updated at some point every year, I promise!

Whatever your reasons for being here, have fun, and I hope you enjoy your visit!



I have recently finished a part-time PhD student working at the University of Leeds for @LeedsPathology. My thesis title is 'Automated analysis of colorectal cancer' and involves image processing to detect and characterise cancer on digitised images of human tissue.

The other part of my working week involves creating image analysis algorithms for pathological studies and clinical trials.


When I get a spare moment from my research, I enjoy getting creative by designing websites, dabbling with photography and playing around in Photoshop. I am the lead designer for the Leeds Virtual Pathology team, and I have a growing portfolio of sites and logos/branding, so if you would like a website or logo designing, please contact me.


Aside from my PhD and design work, my other passion is music. I have been playing Bass guitar & gigging since 2001 and currently I teach & write learning materials for my home-grown brand - The Bass Programme.

I primarily playy bass guitar but currently play guitar, piano and synth for Derby-based covers band, Spaced. I have also played drums for the alternate rock band, This way, GO!.


I have experience with a variety of programming and scripting languages such as C++, Java, Python, MATLAB and R, which I use for image anlaysis and stats processing.

I am also fairly handy with XML based scripting/web languages such as HTML5, XHTML, HTML and CSS3. I prefer to create web systems using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and jQuery. I have also had a few projects based in MXML and ActionScript 3 (Adobe Flash/Flex).


You can contact me directly using either Twitter or email. My Twitter account is @AzaWright, and my email address is